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Myths and misperceptions about organ donation

Jan 1, 2021 | News

There are some common misconceptions about organ donation after death.

Your organ donation decision is important, whatever it may be. It is important to make an informed choice, and then tell your family.

Most people do not die in circumstances that make it possible for them to donate their organs. In fact, only around one in one hundred people who die in the UK are usually able to be donors. Donors are typically those who have died in a hospital intensive care unit or emergency department.

A number of countries including the UK have moved – or are moving – to an ‘opt out’ system for organ donation, to help save and improve more lives.

Within an opt out system the decision about whether or not you choose to donate your organs is still yours to make.

The donation operation is performed as soon as possible after death. After donation, the body is always returned to the family of the deceased in the same way as any death in a hospital where donation has not taken place. Families are given the opportunity to spend time with their loved one after the operation if they wish.

You can register your decision to donate


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